Cyber Crime cell

How we need to Report Cyber Crime: 

Reporting of the Various Kind of Cyber Crimes After victimization of any cyber crime, first step is to report the crime to the Law enforcement agency (Cyber crime branch or any police station of your state with evidence and all relevant information possible.). Matters of cyber crimes are investigated by law enforcement agency (LEA) on registration of FIR, you may also send the email to the given id's for reference purpose, however, to have its effect, a physical FIR is mandatory. 

In the case of hacking, the following information should be provided:

  • Server Logs
  • A copy of the defaced web page in soft copy as well as hard copy format, if victim’s website is defaced
  • If data are compromised on the victim’s server or computer or any other network equipment, soft copy of original data and soft copy of compromised data.
  • Access control mechanism details i.e.- Who had the access to the computer or email of the victim?
  • List of suspects if the victim is having any suspicion on anyone.

All relevant information leading to the answers to following questions.

  • What is compromised?
  • Who might have compromised the system?
  • When was the system compromised?
  • Why might have been the system compromised?
  • Where is the impact of the attack-identifying the target system from the network?
  • How many systems have been compromised by the attack?

Documents / Information You Need to Provide while Filing an Email Related Cyber Crime Complaint

In the case of e-mail abuse, vulgar e-mail, etc. the following information should be provided:\

  • The extended headers of offending e-mail and
  • The offending e-mail from