Cyber Fraud help founded in 2017 by three youth namely Yogeshkumar P, Pusphpendra Singh and Raman Kumar have seen Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing areas of crime. It is a global problem. The digitally connected business environment is here to stay, but there is a dark side to this. Criminals are taking advantage of the speed, convenience, accessibility and most importantly the anonymity of the internet to commit a range of crimes.

We have seen increase in number of fraudulent transactions and need of help for the needy on a platform where all Cyber Teams work together as a team to tackle issues and handle cyber crimes in an effective manner. With experience across different industries and a nationwide network of partners, we are well positioned to help and analyze the highly complex, nationwide connected cybercriminal networks.

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Our Dream

Nation Crime Free.

Our Mission

The mission of the Cyber-Fraud help is to serve as a one-stop shop for cyber-related information for all. The content contained on the site is developed to help victims of Cyber Crime, respond to, and recover from cyber threats and cyber crime by providing a clearinghouse of cyber-related information.


The information on the website portal is vetted, relevant, and easily accessible to help users understand the cyber environment, identify emerging trends, leverage promising practices, facilitate required assistance, encourage collaboration, and provide innovative solutions to address the cyber needs.

Our Vision

To build a secure and resilient cyber space for citizen, businesses and Government. To create secure cyber-ecosystem and enable adequate trust and confidence in electronic transactions and also guiding netizens on actions for protection of cyber space. To safeguard the privacy of citizen’s data.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a primary component that makes our cyber space a safe and better place to work around. It helps to enable effective prevention, detection and investigation of cyber-crimes. We proudly says that we are cyber warriors and we always promote a culture of cyber security.

Cyber Awareness

Cyber Awareness is the only key to reduce Increased rate of cyber-crimes in our country. Almost every Cyber Crime involves end user interaction, this is the phase where attacker manipulates the user and traps him / her. We are making people aware of these facts via posts, messages, mails and our blogs. Our only motive is to make people alert, aware and actionable against cyber-crimes.

Cyber Crime Investigation

The Reports and the fact says, rate of cyber-crime had increased by 3 times when pandemic Covid 19 had hit our country and so now we have come up with 3 times better tools, techniques and our most prominent Cyber Fraud Help portal to catch and stop cyber criminals. Our efforts to make our nation free of cyber-crimes will die with our last breath.


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Crime Rates in India

India Crime Rate & Statistics - Historical Data.

Year Per 100K Population Annual % Change Change 24h Change 7d
2014 3.66 2.04% 8.63 % 2.9 %
2015 3.39 -7.34% 12.51 % 8.18 %
2016 3.22 -4.86% -2.14 % -0.79 %
2017 3.12 -3.02% 4.89 % -1.31 %
2018 3.08 -1.46% -5.98 % 1.15 %


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