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A safe and secure online environment enhances trust and confidence and contributes to a stable and productive community. Crimes such as fraud, scams, and harassment can be facilitated by using technology which brings unique challenges to old crimes. Activities which fall under this category are often referred to as high tech crime, computer crimes or cyber crimes. 

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We are here to Protect you

CyberFraudHelp is here to protect you against all types of Online/Banking Frauds, and help you, in case the fraud has already taken place.


Phishing & Fraud

Phishing email messages, websites, and phone calls are designed to steal money. Cybercriminals can do this by installing malicious software on your computer or stealing personal information off of

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Hacking & Cyber Crimes

Trying to get into computer systems in order to steal, corrupt, or illegitimately view data. Hacking comes from the term “hacker”, which is someone who enjoys and is an expert in comput

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Spam & Viruses

A virus is a program which can self-replicate and insert itself into other applications on your computer. They vary in the amount of damage they can do, from simply slowing your computer down so mu

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Report Cyber Crime

If you are suffering a live cyber attack that is in progress, call now on support@cyberfraudhelp.in  to report, or report using the online tool. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for businesses, charities and organisations. Our advisors are also available 24/7, if you have any questions.

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